The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to Mexico.

Welcome! This site documents a two month, solo, unsupported mountain bike tour of the The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Banff AB Canada to the US-Mexican border at Antelope Wells, NM. The trip began in late July and finished 25 SEP 2007. It took 61 days and encompassed 2842.32 miles.

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10 December 2007

Main Site is Active!!!

Greetings all, Happy Holidays!

The work in progress known as the main trip site is now up and running.

However, many elements are still in the draft phase (like the trip journals) and will be released as I complete them. I prioritized my efforts on what seemed to be the most popular content items on this site and am working from there. I still need to make everything easier on the eyes with photos, charts, etc. Still a lot more to come. Enjoy!

03 December 2007

Boulder Divide Ride Presentations CHANGES!

Happy Holidays all!

Reminder that my Divide Ride Presentations are coming up soon. I found out today that MONTBELL HAS RESCHEDULED FROM THU 06 DEC 07 TO TUE 08 JANUARY 2008! I apologize for the late notice, as I just found out about the reschedule today.

The REI presentation scheduled next Monday, 10 DEC 07 is still on as planned. I verified REI's A/V setup today and their community room is super nice!

REI, Boulder Colorado, Monday 10 DEC 07, 7-8 PM.
See event specific online calendar release here. REI recently remodeled this store to be the prototype for stores to has a huge community room with an advanced AV presentation setup, see details here. The event director at this location and I have coordinated with some local non-profits in addition to Adventure Cycling (free membership drawing offered) to have literature on site as well. This will also be a overhead slideshow presentation with photos and some of my equipment and maps as props. I will pass out one sheet handouts with the overall route map (to help folks follow along with the presentation) and relevant website URLs.

MontBell, Boulder Colorado, Tuesday 08 JAN 07, 8-9 PM
See location website here. Non-Profit Adventure Cycling Association literature will be available in addition to a free membership drawing. This will be an overhead slideshow presentation with photos as well as some of my equipment and maps as props. This presentation will be ultralight gear focused. I will pass out one sheet handouts with the overall route map (to help folks follow along with the presentation) and relevant website URLs.

Both presentations are free and open to the public.

Please forward this and/or invite anyone who may be interested to the presentations!

No need to RSVP or anything.

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope everyone can make it.

05 November 2007

Adventure Travel Article Published!

Greetings All!
Progress continues on post Divide Ride projects. One of the projects was to have an article published by a recognized adventure travel magazine, online magazine, or website. Well, lo and behold, this has happened via BootsnAll Travel Network's AdventureLogue Travel Guide, see the main site here.

See the GDMBR specific article that I wrote here.

Good things are happening! More articles may be in the works.

Much thanks to Daved for taking a chance on my story!

I found the site by navigating through Tim Ferriss' excellent blog based on his book, The Four Hour Workweek (see description in right sidebar,) which served as a late coming but nonetheless significant inspiration for this trip.

30 September 2007

Back in Boulder, Photo Galleries Up

"We should come home from adventures, and perils, and discoveries every day with experience and character." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Home at last. Took me some time to get back, we ended up staying a few days extra in Silver City, NM to make sure fellow riders and friends Erik and Christine made it back from the border okay. They decided to make the one day push from Silver City to the border as well. Great job guys!

Much thanks to my parents, Loyall and Ginger, who took time out of their lives to patiently deal with my exploits near the border, helped out Erik and Christine, and helped me get home. Many more folks to thank as well, which I will be doing as I post photos.

I plan to edit and caption most of the photos over the next couple of days, post them as slide shows, and just initially just get them out there. Once I have it all complete....several weeks to maybe months from now, I will post the address for the main site (a functional, normal menued website) which will have the full on journal writeups with embedded photos. Layouts will be by ACA map section to help past, current, and future riders orient to the site.

Note NEW PHOTO GALLERIES menu on the left side bar beneath the "My GDMBR Statistics" menu. All sections are posted.

25 September 2007

Day 61 US/Mexico Border-Antelope Wells, NM

"What fun is it being cool if you can't wear a sombrero" ~ Calvin & Hobbes

Kind of difficult to wrap my mind around it, but I made it to the
border today. I decided to ride it out, over 11 hours, 125 miles.
Pulled out several hours before sunrise, the weather was good...not
too hot and no significant headwind. Didn't see any javalinas, but
almost ran over a skunk.

The folks passed me at the 15 mile out point and met me at the
border...thank you, thank you...

Three countries, two provinces, five states, 500 cattle guards, etc.
Etc. and 2842.32 miles later this section of the bigger journey ends.
What's next? Deal with that tomorrow.

So many folks to be done in another posting. I won't forget you.

Final mileage (according to my GPS): 2842.32.
Divide crossings: 30