The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to Mexico.

Welcome! This site documents a two month, solo, unsupported mountain bike tour of the The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Banff AB Canada to the US-Mexican border at Antelope Wells, NM. The trip began in late July and finished 25 SEP 2007. It took 61 days and encompassed 2842.32 miles.

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26 June 2007

Bike Tools and Repair Items

Bike Tools and Repair items

I spread the tools out somewhat about the bike, most of the immediate repair items are stored in a tennis ball can mounted on the frame under the rear shock (tennis ball cans and bike water bottles have roughly the same diameter.) The 5.5 has very little clearance here and taking a water bottle in and out knocks the shock lockout lever over too much.

- Combined Ascent Mini-tool and ToPeak Alien. Went end to end on the bike and chucked any multi-tool parts not needed, just took apart the bare bones mini-tool and removed/added as necessary. Carry small combo pliers with flat and Phillips screwdriver handle tool…good chance you need the pliers and the screwdriver fittings to counter torque something else. Eliminated all unnecessary redundancy in tooling.

- Blackburn Mammoth hand pump

- Two Salsa LW tubes, tube patch kit and homemade tire boots.

- Extra PC99 chain section, three gold links, unattached chainbreaker from Topeak Alien.

- Extra cleat and cleat bolts. Various nuts and screws and a 10mm wrench for the OMM racks and Intense lag nuts.

- Presta to Schrader adaptor – nice for a service station compressor.

- Extra derailleur cable, extra set of (worn) brake pads.

- 50 ft of 550 cord for repairs and bear bag

- small roll of 100 mph tape (yes, OD green…hmm) and small roll of electrical tape, small vial of gorilla glue.

- 4 extra DT spokes stored in seat tube.

-Tire levers

- various length zip ties, two small and two medium rubber lined hose clamps in case of a broken frame or to lockout a blown shock.